You Won’t Believe Which Celebrities Battle Acne

They may be in show business, and look radiant amongst the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood red carpet, but these Hollywood stars struggle with their skin just like we do!

Turns out just because you have a Hollywood postcode and rub shoulders with the rich and famous you are not immune to skin problems like spots, pimples, redness, acne and blemishes.

Yep, these gorgeous starlets deal the same skin problems that so many of us face – pimples, out breaks and acne.

Find out how celebrities fight acne and what how these Hollywood glamour girls treat their pimple problems.

Miley Cyrus

Although the magic of makeup may cover up any breakouts onstage, Miley suffers from quite severe acne. And the pop princess is proud to show off her bad skin on, of all places, social media. In true Miley style she is not acne shy, posting on her Instagram feed shots of her search for an acne cure. Followers can see her using a face mask to calm down inflamed and red pimples, using a spot gel to target pimples and more.

From selfies to poses with friends and even the cat, Miley takes pride in her home acne treatment regime. More power to her we say!

Cameron Diaz

Everyone wants to be her bestie, but did you know that in high school Cam suffered from teenage acne?

In her book The Body Book, Cameron opened up about what she called her “terrible, terrible skin”. The gorgeous movie star who got her big break in the film The Mask, and everyone loved in the Charlie’s Angel’s movies, has said that despite her pimple treatments, she suffered breakouts into her twenties, and she found her constant pimples and out breaks awkward, embarrassing and frustrating.

Kiera Knightly

Stunning English Actress Kiera Knightly is a long time acne sufferer.

The actress is well known for her roles in Bend it Like Beckham, the Star Wars movies plus starring next to Johnny Deep in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, and has owned up to having awful skin and suffering breakouts and acne from her late teens until her early 20s.

As she told Vogue Magazine: “I’m incredibly self-conscious about the fact that I get bad skin.”
We think it’s nice to know that celebrities feel the same as us about acne and breakouts.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s long time fight with severe acne and breakouts is well known. The actress has suffered from painful cystic acne since she was 17 years old, and has been treated for her acne since her teens.

While she may have appeared in blockbuster movies with hunky co-stars like The Amazing Spiderman and Crazy Stupid Love (Oh, Ryan Gosling!), and so many more great movies we just can’t list them, but Emma Stone told one American beauty mag she has found her struggle with cystic acne “debilitating and embarrassing”.

She has even admitted to her problem skin being so bad that it was video airbrushed when she filmed Easy A.

Scarlett Johansson

The now young mum and Hollywood film star has starred in every type of film, from The Avengers to Lost in Translation with Bill Murray. During the early stages of her career, Scarlett treated her acne and skin breakouts with a steady regime.

By religiously following her skincare routine of washing of her makeup at bedtime and using cold compresses to subdue breakouts, the women twice named the Sexist Woman Alive treated by acne.


The singer of hit song Royals has proudly battled teenage acne. Her struggle was made public when she openly admitted to her acne scars being photo-shopped, going as far as posting the original images on social media for her fans.

The result? Worldwide support for the New Zealand born entertainer who counts Taylor Swift amongst her friends. The media, not to mention plus teenagers and parents the world over, all loved Lorde for revealing herself, zits and all, in the image without retouching. See her tweet here.

She has also posted images on Instagram of her in bed in Paris with her acne cream on at bedtime.

Now that is brave!