Is Your Skincare Regime Ruining Your Skin? The Warning Signs You Need To Know

We all get into a rut with our skincare and are prone to picking up bad beauty habits.


But have you ever stopped to wonder if your daily glamour addictions may be ruining your chance at a glowing complexion? That perhaps you are self-sabotaging your chance of having supermodel clear skin?



Check for these warning signs you are overdoing in the quest obtain a permanent fresh-faced glow.


Warning Sign 1: Ferocious Cleansing

Cleansing with too much ferocity can be harming your skin. Ditto using a stripping cleanser on sensitive skin.

Apply a small amount of product (we love Skin Clarity’s Foaming Cleanser for its no-nonsense ability to gently soothe our irritated skin while removing all that built up gunk), and avoid the temptation to scrub like you are stripping away memories of that cheating ex-boyfriend.  Instead, take the high road and slowly blend then gently rinse off your cleanser. Give your face the chance to retain some of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy and hydrated.


Warning Sign 2: Skipping Sunscreen

Wrinkle alert! Choose a makeup or base product that includes a high SPF factor, or protect your face with a facial sunscreen. Especially if you are heading out fresh-faced, forgoing sun protection is causing permanent damage to your skin. Cue those signs of ageing like wrinkles, sun spots and fine lines we all dread.


Warning Sign 3: Over exfoliating

If you are exfoliating more than twice a week, calm down girl! The point of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells. Going overboard is not giving your skin any extra benefit, it is only likely to create irritation and, you guessed it, cause ugly break outs.

Grab yourself Skin Clarity’s Deep Pore Scrub and stick to twice week facial exfoliations. Loaded with natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut, liquorice root extract, chamomile, and walnut, Skin Clarity’s scrub works wonders to gently polish away dead skin cells and excessive dirt to leave your face softer and smoother.


Warning Sign 4: Questionable makeup application 

We don’t want to being throwing shade, but ladies need to know that failing to routinely clean and air dry your makeup brushes is a major skincare sin prone to cause break outs, infection and skin irritations. It is not just old foundation clinging to that brush, but also particles of dead skin, dirt, grime and even hairspray! Ewww! 

Before you glam up wash your hands and use clean makeup brushes to stop the spread of bacteria and pimple outbreaks.

Professionals tout cleaning your brushes at least weekly, let’s be honest with ourselves and add at least monthly clean into your regime. But the hand washing is a non-negotiable.


Warning Sign 5: You don’t catch enough zzz’s

So beauty sleep is actually appropriately named. The Sleep Health Foundation suggests that we need to catch between 7 to 9 hours shut eye each night or risk premature ageing skin. It’s not just those dark circles under your eyes you have to worry about. Lifeless skin and increases in acne, wrinkles, enlarged pores, brown spots and redness are all linked to insufficient sleep.

And while we are in your bedroom, what’s going on with that pillow? Including a weekly change of your bedlinen in your routine is a must to ward off a build up of oils, dirt, bacteria, sweat, makeup residue, haircare products and other nasties that cause acne and pimple outbreaks.


Just like a boyfriend we know we should have dumped last year, bad skincare habits are hard to break, no question about it. 


But here is some good news: there is one beauty habit you can add to your skincare regime that will control your pimple outbreaks and reduce and soothe your acne and irritated skin. Skin Clarity’s innovative skincare regime provides a targeted solution to nourish and repair acne and pimple prone skin. Start a skincare habit that’s good for you today with Skin Clarity and enjoy smooth acne free skin.