Is Your Hairstyle Ruining Your Chance At Acne-Free Skin?

Everyone has survived the terrors of a bad haircut. But worse than that, for sufferers of breakouts and acne there are hairstyles that are actually putting your goals of healthy glowing acne-free skin in jeopardy!


Say it isn’t so!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad hairstyle news, but for those who get pimples, acne and regular out breaks, the type of hairstyle you choose can have a huge impact on the how well your acne treatment works, and of course the look of your skin.

Even if you are using an effective anti-acne skincare regime like Skin Clarity, some haircuts just make acne worse.

But there is a solution to this pimple problem!

Follow these hairstyling tips and you will be on your way to helping to treat your acne prone skin and getting the softer smoother skin you deserve.


Reconsider your blunt fringe

A heavy fringe that hangs over your forehead, , or really in any shape or form, even if it is brushed to the side or just a few soft layers, is creating a pool of bacteria for forehead acne to breed. Yucko!

Acne along the hairline is also a risk, as even less heavy fringes like the fashionable style like our favourite singer songwriter Taylor Swift rocks will add extra hair products, some which will end up on the skin.


Change up your long ponytail 

This seems like a non offensive way to tame your mane, but rather than creating facial pimples out breaks, always tossing your hair up in long pony or braid down your back can cause unsightly back acne.
Yep, ‘bacne’ is real and not pretty. Rather than cause or spread it, try alternating between a bun, or chignon, or check out these instructions for fun up styles that keep your hair out of the way.


Long and out

If you love having your hair out Do you swear by wearing your long hair down no matter what? Some of us love our long locks out all the time, whether they are curly or straight, and we don’t blame you. But it means your hair is always touching your face, and also your back and chest. Which means the chance for acne, pimples and and blackheads to form.

Instead, try pulling your hair up into a simple topknot. Try these easy instructions, we love they even include pictures!

Let your skin breathe, not be suffocated under your hair. This is especially important when you are exercising or on a hot summer’s day when we all sweat more.


Grow out that lob

The Lob (or long bob) may be the essential celebrity hairstyle of the moment, with celebs like Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr rocking the collarbone length haircut or actress Kirsten Stewart with her platinum chin length style. But these hollywood glamours are not treating pimples or dealing with acne problems.

Unfortunately for those of trying to get rid of acne, or fighting breakouts on our chin, pimples on our neck and acne on our back, a bob, Lob or short layered haircut means your hair is constantly touching your face and neck, creating the opportunity for bacteria to spread and more pimples to appear.


Get over your styling product dependence

For those who stand loyal to their epic (but essential) home haircare styling routine, here is your skincare wake up call: hair has natural oils, plus sweat, and when you lather in styling products to create glam worthy looks for our Insta account, you are adding more oils, hairsprays, mousses, waxes, gels and creams that build up.

As we talked about in our blog, Prevent Acne With These Surprisingly Simple Tips. If you are not careful all these ingredients can make their way to your face. The end result? Your hair delivering a blemish breeding ground for acne, with your hair products clogging your pores and producing even more breakouts and blackheads.


Give your skin its best chance to get rid of acne for good.

For smoother and clearer skin, use your Skin Clarity Complete Daily System to treat your acne and create an environment where pimples, out breaks and acne are not welcome.