Prevent Acne With These Surprisingly Simple Tips

We all hate breakouts. They can be embarrassing and always happen at the wrong time… like Saturday night. 

You can prevent pimples and control your acne with these tips for beautiful healthy skin.


Wash your face regularly

Washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleaner is the only way to your unclog pores and prevent more pimples.

Particularly if you wear makeup, it is so important to wash your face and clear out all the dead skin cells, dirt and oil that has built up over the day.

Don’t sabotage your chance at being pimple free. Allow your skin to breathe and rejuvenate while you are sleeping.


Clean that smartphone

Is your mobile phone collecting a week’s worth of your foundation?

If it is, think about the other particles of dirt, grim and bacteria that are now living on your phone surface – and soon on your face next time you answer a call. That is no may to prevent.

It’s enough to make you run and get a sanitising spray and wipe it down



Regularly exfoliate your face using Skin Clarity’s Deep Pore Scrub to prevent bacteria building up under dead skin cells. Twice a week is ample to unclog your pores and remove all impurities and help keep pimples at bay.


No touching!

Excessive touching of your face, including rubbing or even resting your chin in your hands, can drive bacteria into your pores increasing the likelihood of new pimples forming.

When you touch your face you are putting on it all the things you have touched beforehand – doorhandles, money, toilet seats….

Even just rubbing or putting your hand on your chin, is spreading bacteria. And yes, this is regardless of how often you wash your hands.

And the touching rule goes double for the squeezing, picking and popping pimples. We know that acne can be painful, but touching and squeezing your pimples or cystic acne is risking both infection and scarring. You are also likely to cause further redness and inflammation, and possibly spreading the breakout.


Wash your hair

If you don’t wash your hair at night, all the products you used to look glamorous that day – the oils, hairsprays, creams, gels and balms – are making their way onto your face and clogging up your pores, helping to create a breeding ground for more acne.

Avoid this by washing your hair thoroughly and keeping your hair away from your face and neck.


Change your pillow case regularly

Oil and grime collect on your sheets and pillowcase. The result? More ways the pores on your face can get clogged and infected, which means – yep –  more pimples.

The easy solution is to change your sheets and pillowcases often.


Clean your makeup brushes

We talked about the horror of dirty makeup brushes in our blog “Is Your Skincare Regime Ruining Your Skin? The Warning Signs You Need To Know

Washing your brushes weekly, or if you are a daily makeup brush user after every couple of uses is smart to prevent transfer of bacteria and prevent acne. If you don’t have time to wash, try an anti-bacterial makeup brush spray to keep the nasties out of the brush and off your face.